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A Hair-rowing Experience

     My ten-year-old daughter, Evelyn, went for a hair cut recently. To the uninformed, that sounds reasonably benign. Usually by the time a child is ten, they have overcome most of those little fears and phobias that plague our toddlers. My son, for example, doesn’t necessarily like getting his hair cut, but he is now […]

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Barack Who?

     I didn’t watch the president’s speech last night.      My son did.  Well, parts of it on The Grandmother’s tv as he flitted in and out of the room like a hummingbird.  (She wasn’t really watching the speech–she was just making sure it wasn’t going to overrun Dancing With The Stars.) He came in […]

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To Read or Not to Read?

There are a couple of reasons you might want to start following this blog. I try very hard to always be honest when I write.  The way I figure it, that’s sort of the point. There might actually be some things in here that you can relate to.  I’m a mom–both to a special needs and a […]

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