My Passions

I love lists.  Lists make me happy.  I like to make them in my blog.  I make lists before I go to the store.  I make a list of things I need to pack for a trip.  I make “to do” lists.  They comfort my mind and help me get my thoughts organized.  Lists are cool.

So imagine my joy at finding a little blog writing prompt which actually asks me to make a list each Monday!  Yay lists!

Northwest Mommy over at the blog Life is Good has a little thing each week called Monday Listicles.  She takes suggestions from selected people each week for a list, and this week the list suggestion came from Jackie over at Not Wifezilla.  It’s about what moves us–what we are passionate about.

My passions:

  • The bodily functions of my people:  I just did a post about this.  I’m not sure how this happened, but the fact remains: the toilet habits of those I care for are a major part of my life.
  • Hand washing:  If everyone would just wash their freakin’ hands more often, and use hand sani when they can’t, the world would be a better place!
  • Selflessness:  this is a big one.  I think most of the world’s problems can be boiled down to people being incredibly selfish.  People only care about how they feel, and how things will affect them.  They never even think about other people, let alone actually do things for them!
  • Education:  I think, as a whole, parents underestimate the importance of education in a child’s life.  An education is one gift you can give a child that can never be taken away.  A good, complete education is invaluable.  You cannot learn too much.  Math geeks should study literature, and vice versa.  We sometimes just assume that our kids  are getting what they need in school, but if you take the time to investigate, I’m afraid you might find that isn’t the case.
  • Handicap Accessibility:  I have no idea why some people think it is okay for a public building to be inaccessible.  To me, this is discrimination.  Period.  Our local school system is notorious for this.  We have a middle school that is completely inaccessible.  In other words, I pay taxes for a building that is inaccessible to two very important members of my family.  No way.
  • Accountability:  No matter what the issue–work, parenting, relationships, the environment–people lack accountability.  No matter what happens, it’s not their fault.  Someone else did something that caused this thing to happen.  I think of it as a “poor me” type of attitude, and it sucks.
  • Disability:  I have very black and white views of what a disabled person is.  I live in an area that is overrun with people who claim to be disabled and get a big check each month.  These same people ride four-wheelers, hunt, climb, run, whatever.  They park in the handicap spot and then prance up and down every single aisle in the store.  This is related to the accountability thing.  These people apparently thing someone owes them something.  WRONG!
  • Animals:  I’m a vegan.  I made this major life decision on April 18th, 2011.  It’s decision that is one part health, one part animal rights, and one part environmental.  I encourage everyone to think about, and maybe try a vegan meal or two.  A little bit goes a long way.
  • Books:  I love reading.  I read every single day.  Every. Single. Day.  I don’t know how people can say, “I don’t read.”  I’ll read anything once.  I’ve read some real duds, and some real gems.  I worship Stephen King, but I’m open to anyone. (Except Nancy Grace.  I must have some standards, after all.)  Reading is a way to relax, and sometimes be in different place than reality.  The only thing to say is that I love a good story.
  • My Family:  That’s it.  More than anything, this is the passion that keeps me going day-to-day.  It’s the only thing I’m uncompromising about.  Before I had kids, I was sort of, well, adrift.  I had no sense of purpose.  When my kids were born, all of that changed.  They counted on me.  They had to have me there, at my best.  Being a mom is the only thing I’ve ever done that had real meaning, and I take it seriously.  Damn straight.


So that’s it.  That’s my first submission to Monday Listicles.  Thanks to Northwest Mommy and Jackie for this week’s thought-provoking topic.

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