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Parenting can be very hard.  Sometimes you feel like just crawling in a hole and waiting for that awkward phase (age 2-33) to pass.

But sometimes, it’s great.

It’s very sad to watch your child grow up right before your eyes, but it’s so rewarding.  There are moments of almost overwhelming happiness.  And even though pride may be a sin, somehow I think it might be okay when that pride is aimed at your kids.

I have watched my son grow from a tiny newborn into the wonderful young man that he is now.  I can’t believe it.  Because I’m with him all the time, sometimes I take for granted what a truly great person he really is.  He is this truly magnificent individual with his own ideas, beliefs, and opinions–lots of opinions.  He leaves me awestruck.  He’s like me in so many ways, but so much better than me.

I was very, very shocked when he told me he wanted to start his own blog.

Usually, he’s not a big fan of writing.  It’s his least favorite subject in his school work, but it’s not because he can’t do it.  He just doesn’t like it.  But he reads a lot of my posts, and I could tell he was brooding about something.  Finally, he asked me.

I had to think about it, because I know you’re supposed to be careful about kids online and such.  I couldn’t tell him no, though, because I was so proud that he wanted to do it.  He was volunteering to write!  And once he started, I was so impressed by his humor and honesty.  I check his grammar and spelling, but it’s all him.

I’m so glad to see him expressing himself freely.  He’s stretching out and becoming more and more his own person.  It’s scares the hell out of me sometimes, but it also thrills me in a way I don’t even know how to explain.  I think it’s because I’m seeing glimpses of the man he’s going to become.

So, take a few minutes and head over for a read.  His blog is called Life of a Teenage Boy.

It’s a great blog, because it’s honest, funny, and mostly, because a great kid wrote it.  You know, I think that pride thing might not just be aimed at him–when I see him, I can’t help feeling a little proud of myself, too.

I think I’ve done a pretty good job.


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One Comment on "The Boy Blogger"

  1. Colleen Towner
    28/12/2011 at 4:11 pm Permalink

    As soon as I write this, I’m reading his post. What a lucky mom…and kid…you both are. I had to MAKE my son start a blog this summer..wait, there’s an issue with kids online?…:) as my thank-you present for his People to People trip to Europe, as well as an explanation to strangers who question his heavy European accent.

    The link to his blog is if your son is interested. I loved reading his work (proud mamma) even if it was done at gun point.

    I can’t recommend P2P enough. That was a life changing experience. And while it’s pricey, it’s safe, and completely fund-raisable–limitless ideas! Zac’s goal is to go back in two years on his own dime.

    You’re son’s blog just made his required reading list. Thank you both!

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